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Office Manager - 30-35 hours/week
[posted May 27, 2024]

The Office Manager is responsible for all administrative tasks of the farm office including bookkeeping, sales and marketing, shipping and deliveries, packaging inventory, and customer support for all of the farm’s products and services.

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Compost Operator - 40 hours/week
[posted June 7, 2024]

The Compost Operator plays a central, multifaceted role in the farm’s composting operation. The Compost Operator fulfills two primary roles, 1) producing compost and managing composting operations, and 2) managing the farm’s worm herd and producing worm castings. The Operator’s time will be roughly 60-70% composting operations and 30-40% worm operations.   

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Farm Description

Black Dirt Farm is an integrated and diversified agroecological family farm in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom designed to mimic the carbon cycle. We operate a year-round food scrap collection route to collect organic discards from our community. We strive to put this “waste” to as much positive use as we can.  We blend the food scraps into a compost mix which provides forage for our laying hens, then make compost and worm castings with the excess food and manure, and finally, we sell and use the resulting products to nourish our soils and crops.  Our farm is firmly based in regenerative agricultural practices and the creation of ecologically-thriving and socially-just food systems. As of 2021, we diverted 13.6 million pounds of food scraps from the landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of not burning 603,598 gallons of gasoline and capturing enough nitrogen to fertilize over 1,000 acres of mixed vegetable crops.

Being a part of Black Dirt Farm means working in an environment that is both caring and efficient. The farm requires creative and driven individuals who can work as part of a dynamic and, often, fast-paced team but also be individually responsible for managing their own tasks with professionalism and quality.

At Black Dirt Farm a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is one where all Crew Members, volunteers, and customers—of all genders and gender identities, races, ethnicities, national origins, ages, sexual orientations, educations, or disabilities—feel valued and respected. We believe the farm thrives most when we have a diversity of people and experiences that inform what we do and how we do it. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages, and work to ensure that all voices are valued and heard. To foster a healthy farm community, Black Dirt Farm does not tolerate marginalizing behavior, language, or harassment. We’re committed to a thriving work environment that yields exceptional products and collective growth.